Friday, September 4, 2009

3rd Annual Mobicents Metting: Brno 2009

This august was quiet a big deal, Mobicents Team met in Brno office which was kind enough(or else) to host annual meeting. Almost all of us made it to office without any incident, however we still missed three team members which did not make it.
As usual it was tons of work and work. Since last year mobicents grew a lot (maybe not a good estimate but svn code and commits have been more than doubled, with team not expanding at all) so we had a lot of topics to go through. During las year three of our project reached GA status:
  • Sip Servlets
  • Media Server
  • Diameter
Two other has already got successor:
  • Media Server
  • JAIN Slee
In short last year achievements are:
  • JSR 289 certification (Sip Servlets 1.1)
  • JSR 240 certification( JSLEE 1.1, achieved by container v2.0.0.B1)
  • Media Server modular architecture
  • Diameter GA
  • Seam Telco Framework reaching stability
During meeting four topics reached level of "hot":

  • SS7 world mobicents role in IMS cloud
  • JSLEE 1.1 container architecture
  • HA
  • Media Server architecture
(See next post for some cool stuff that we talked about or did not talk )
Thats how we spent our time in the office - except me and Amit killing each other bond style(we were supposed to go for paintball, but eventually it has been canceled).

My main project(aside Diameter and JSLEE) is Media Server for the time beeing. Thats the one me and my co-mates were supposed to cover during this meeting.
However one of our MMS team member did not make it to Brno me and Amit were supposed to cover his topics(MMS Architecture & SS7 introduction) - in practice presentations we created were covered by Amit.
Topics that left for me were
  • Base HA framework - how to achieve HA for non cache replicated resources
  • MMS Control protocols(which I did not present, see my other posts)
Seems like very abstract topic, atleast first one. Well thats correct. Moreover its not a trivial one (HA). During my preparations for this subject I made a lot of tests and research to get a hint what lies ahead of team to achieve. Its a bit scary I must tell. It gets insanly complicated since Mobicents covers different EE - just consider case when one has different EEs, different protocols and must provide HA and FT balancer for that bunch - feeling that headache comming?
Aside my HA session we had one covered by Jean D and Vladimir R. Outcome? To make it short:
  • improve JSIP stack
  • make JSIP stack modular so it supports replication of data
  • finalize LB strategy
  • cooperate on Fault Tolertant Framework
What if FTF? Simple acronym that should in future cover some cool features(See next posts :) ).

What about fun part?
It was not bad at all, even though academic year has not started:

Before plunging into disco:
Get up early, go to work, eat late and party till morning. Here we are at eating part, good food, perfect beer, even portugal folks prefered it over wine:

And here we give a go to extreme sports part, carts made it a day, except few of us getting burns blisters from engine, it was worth chasing other team members around track:

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