Friday, January 15, 2010

MMS v2 Beta3 is out

It took some time to reach this point. But ... its out. Another 2.x.y media server from mobicents has been born yesterday.

Details can be found in media server blog. In short, what does it bring?
  • Video support for ISO files 
  • RTSP support - this includes mobicents RTSP stack and MMS Controller
  • SS7 support preview

Yes, SS7. At the moment its still not full, but allows to do some cool stuff.
Currently SS7 guide is short and can be found here. However next release will incorporate it in regular guide.
Roadmap can be found here.

So what those goodies allow?
Video is self explanatory. RTSP adds live streaming capability(its a bit like showcast radios on winamp with, but bit cooler since it allows operations like: pause, rewind - VCR style).

Finally SS7. We tested with real MSC on operators side. Tests performed:
  • link setup and stability(long term IN_SERVICE)
  • streaming
  • MU validation(it takes time to learn how to read those bits)
  • SCCP,TCAP and CAMEL testing.

CAMEL test has been performed by JSLEE 1.x.y application with JCC RA( it can be found in svn, code is very simple )

Here is what Media Server Team planned for MMS:
  • stabilize core for CR1
  • add other SS7 protocols as independent stacks(that can be used without MMS)
  • B/D channels endpoints
  • SS7 RAs for JSLEE 2.x and similar resource for MSS
If everything goes smootly next release will allow JSLEE and MSS to connect to legacy network and provide means of replacing Asterisk.

Big thanks to Vladimir for hand on HDLC part for MTP layers.

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